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Chef Frances Star Graham professionally cooks with plants in an unique and skillful way. She offers a pure, loving comfort food through her chef-inspired dishes that pleases not only your palate but your soul. We offer simple Private Chef Services or more of a comprehensive team of foodie plant people for your event. We work together in harmony to prepare, procure and display our dishes with eco-conscious and organic culinary provisions.

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Cookbook - Surprise! It's Vegan.

Chef Frances does not disappoint with her everyday recipes based on comfort food classics she grew up with in the Midwest. Also, she shares special culinary techniques and flavor profiles that she learned as fundamentals during culinary school. Healing her 4 autoimmune diseases while working as a private chef has made her an experience expert with nutrition and meal preparation to promote a healthy lifestyle. Chef Frances shares many simple recipes with you in her book that accommodate many food allergies including desserts, salad dressings and cultural dishes. All recipes have alternative gluten-free options that make every dish customizable and easy to follow for the cooking novice or the seasoned foodie.

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EXPERTLY Crafted by A Vegan chef

Cooking classes and public speaking

Only the finest plant-centric flavors.


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